Local Newspapers Are Finding Hints of Success With Online Subscriptions

From a New York Times story by Marc Tracy headlined “Local Papers Find Hints of Success With Online Subscriptions”:

When the hedge fund Alden Global Capital bid to buy the newspaper chain Lee Enterprises in November, many journalists at Lee’s newspapers opposed a sale because Alden had slashed newsroom costs at the newspapers it owns.

Lee’s largest shareholder, Cannell Capital, had a different complaint. J. Carlo Cannell, the firm’s leader, believed Alden’s offer was far too low. His reason: The price did not adequately figure in the potential of digital subscriptions.

Strong Local Newspapers Are a Key to Strengthening Our Democracy

From a story on bushcenter.org by William McKenzie headlined “Strong Local Newspapers Are a Key to Strengthening Our Democracy”:

What we know with absolute clarity is that a reliable flow of information is crucial to the stability of a democracy. What we don’t know for sure is whether local newspapers in the United States will have the financial staying power to continue providing their communities with trustworthy information.

There are plenty of troubling warning signs, more than enough to worry townspeople, journalists, and democracy advocates alike. Yet local newspapers are evolving with new models to suggest that communities across the country still can receive information that has been well-sourced, fact-checked, and revealing about their towns, states, country, and world.

Why to Take Axios Local Seriously As a Threat to Local Newspapers

From a story on poynter.org by Rick Edmonds headlined “A few brief reasons to take Axios Local seriously as a competitor”:

There was more than a hint of the grandiose in Axios CEO Jim VandeHei’s “manifesto” announcement of the latest expansion of Axios’ year-old morning newsletter franchise. He wrote:

“We want to bring smart, modern, trustworthy local news to every community in America. … Everyone needs — and deserves — high-quality reporting to understand the changes unfolding fast where they live. Axios Local is the solution, elegantly delivered to your smartphone.”