Democracy and the Liz Cheney Narrative

From CJR’s The Media Today with Jon Allsop:

A LITTLE OVER TEN YEARS AGO, Fox News hired Liz Cheney as a contributor for the 2012 election cycle. She was reportedly brought in to talk about the Republican primaries through foreign-policy and national-security lenses, and she was soon on air doing just that, decrying then-President Obama for risking “gains” that the Bush administration—which both she and her father, Dick Cheney, served, the latter, of course, as vice president—had made in Afghanistan and Iraq, and accusing Obama of “doing to America what our enemies have been unable to do,” by weakening the military. (“The American military,” she added, is “the greatest force for good the world has ever known.”) At Fox, Cheney also stood in as an occasional guest host for Sean Hannity’s show. In 2013, when Cheney left Fox to run for US Senate in Wyoming, Hannity backed her. After she lost and ran for US House instead, in 2016, Hannity backed her again. She won.