When Your Dog Is a Teenager: As At So Many Times During Life With Dogs, Patience Is Due

From a New York Times guest essay by Alexandra Horowitz headlined “When Your Dog Is a Teenager”:

The puppy I know — the young sprite we adopted at 8 weeks, whose life I’ve observed since her birth — is changing again. Quid is 6 months old and just seemed to be settling into our family of three people, two older dogs and a cat. But all at once, she is more sensitive. She has begun to startle at perfectly normal things. A container of laundry soap on the floor prompts ferocious barking (deterring the soap not at all). Even after a peaceful introduction to the bottle resting innocently on its side, she remains unconvinced that it is not a threat. My son lying on his stomach, rhythmically kicking the closet door behind him, causes Quid to run under my chair with fear. The vacuum, which she formerly followed around like a duckling would her mother, suddenly concerns her.