Larry Mahan: World Champion Rodeo Cowboy Who Bucked His Way Into Stardom

From a Washington Post obit by Michael S. Rosenwald headlined “Larry Mahan, rodeo cowboy whose fame transcended the arena, dies at 79”:

Larry Mahan, a six-time world champion rodeo cowboy who bucked his way into American stardom, starring in an Oscar-winning documentary, endorsing his own line of Western wear and appearing on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, died at his home in Valley View, Texas.

More than any cowboy before or since, Mr. Mahan’s fame transcended the geography and conventions of traditional rodeo. He grew his hair long, wore bright-colored shirts and psychedelic chaps, and piloted his own Cessna to competitions. Sportswriters likened his fame to Elvis Presley’s and his achievements to Hank Aaron’s.