Ken Bode: He Reported on Presidential Campaigns for NBC, Made Prizewinning Documentaries for CNN, and Moderated the Public Affairs Show “Washington Week” on PBS

From a Washington Post obit by Harrison Smith headlined “Ken Bode, political reporter who moderated ‘Washington Week,’ dies at 83”:

Ken Bode, who drew on his experience in academia and Democratic Party politics during a varied career in journalism, reporting on the presidential campaign trail for NBC, making prizewinning documentaries for CNN and moderating the public affairs roundtable “Washington Week” for PBS, died in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Erudite but unpretentious, Dr. Bode was a savvy chronicler of the nation’s political scene. He combined the expertise of a scholar (he had a PhD in political science) and the passion of an activist (he had worked for liberal Sen. George S. McGovern) with an open, easygoing manner that friends traced to his upbringing in small-town Iowa.