Journalists Are Under Threat at Border Zones

From a story on by Jem Bartholomew headlined “Journalisis are under threat at border zones”:

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Dupin was returning to the US from Haiti to spend Christmas with his daughter when he was detained and searched at the border. Reporter and editor Seth Harp was on his way home to Austin from reporting on Mexican cartels when it happened to him. Freelance journalist Isma’il Kushkush was flying back to his place in New York. Independent filmmaker Akram Shibly was on the way home from Canada. Ernest M. was traveling from Paris to the London Book Fair. Around the world, authorities at ports of entry are granted latitude to search and detain incoming travelers, conduct interrogations without the presence of a lawyer, and even make copies of digital information on phones and laptops. These tactics, using laws designed to prevent terrorism, are being deployed against journalists with alarming regularity.