Erik Wemple: Is 18 Minutes Enough Time for a Subject to Comment?

From a Washington Post story by media critic Erik Wemple headlined “Is 18 minutes enough time for a subject to comment?”

One line in Bloomberg News’s Wednesday story about the ongoing lawsuit Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News was unimpeachable: “Fox … didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment on the filing.”

“Immediately,” in this case, meant 18 minutes, according to a Fox News spokesperson.

That’s how long Bloomberg News reporter Erik Larson gave Fox News to comment for an article alleging that Dominion “said some executives and hosts at the network still haven’t handed over any records related to its coverage.” The headline: “Fox Executives in $1.6 Billion Lawsuit Haven’t Handed Over Records, Dominion Says.” Larson cited a July 18 court filing for the scoop.