Newsrooms Are Unionizing—Here’s Why

From a story on by Steven Greenhouse headlined “Newsrooms Are Unionizing Pretty Much ‘Nonstop.’ Here’s Why”:

Mike Kelly has worked at The Record for 46 years, and until Gannett acquired the New Jersey newspaper in 2016, he saw little need for a union.

But that changed once Gannett arrived. Kelly, a columnist for The Record, says Gannett chopped the newsroom’s staff from 190 in 2016 to 100 today and fired many of his fellow journalists in demeaning, callous ways. 

Another Successful Year for Journalism’s Unionization Movement

From a story on by Angela Fu headlined “2021 was another successful year for journalism’s unionization movement”:

The unionization movement that started in 2015 shows little sign of slowing down. Journalists across the country launched at least 35 union campaigns this year, the vast majority of which were successful.

Many of those campaigns were organized by the NewsGuild, the largest union representing journalists, which broke its annual organizing record. This year, 1,542 journalists from 26 workplaces joined the union. (The NewsGuild also organized an additional 16 non-media workplaces, giving it a total of 2,128 new members in 2021). It set its previous record in 2019 when 1,499 workers, both media and non-media, joined the union.