John Zaritsky: Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Known for His Unflinching Looks at Uncomfortable Subjects

From a New York Times obit by Clay Risen headlined “John Zaritsky, Unflinching Oscar-Winning Documentarian, Dies at 78”:

John Zaritsky, a documentary filmmaker known for his unflinching looks at uncomfortable subjects like rape, assisted suicide and prostate cancer and an Oscar winner for “Just Another Missing Kid,” a gripping account of a college student’s murder on a road trip, died in Vancouver, British Columbia….

Mr. Zaritsky was a young director for “The Fifth Estate,” a Canadian TV newsmagazine modeled after “60 Minutes,” when he came across the story of Eric Wilson, a college student from Ontario who had disappeared along with his Volkswagen van in 1978 somewhere along his journey to Colorado, where he was to take summer classes.