The Party Style of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Hits a Nerve On Social Media

From a Wall Street Journal story by Rory Satran headlined “Jeff Bezos’ New Year’s Disco Style Hits a Nerve”:

Jeff Bezos, 57, is having fun with accessories, and his haters are having fun mocking them. In July 2021, the founder of Amazon and aerospace enterprise Blue Origin, flew to space while wearing a rather on-the-nose cowboy hat from upscale Aspen store Kemo Sabe. “I guess space turns you into Kenny Chesney,” joked Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” then. Mr. Bezos’ girlfriend, journalist Lauren Sánchez, was photographed kissing him the day of the space flight while shielded by her own cowboy hat. Recently, the couple made headlines again by doing little more than posting a photo to Instagram of their outfits for a poolside disco-themed New Year’s Eve party.