Jean-Jacques Sempé: French Cartoonist Known in America for Children’s Book Illustrations and Covers for The New Yorker

From a New York Times obit by Robert D. McFadden headlined “Jean-Jacques Sempé, Cartoonist of Droll Whimsy, Dies at 89”:

Jean-Jacques Sempé, the French cartoonist known in America for children’s book illustrations and for covers for The New Yorker portraying tiny, gentle people with big noses at poignant moments, often dwarfed by monumental backgrounds, died on Thursday.

His wife, Martine Gossieaux Sempé, announced the death to Agence France-Presse. His biographer, Marc Lecarpentier, said Sempé — as he signed his work and was known universally — died at a vacation home. Sempé had a home and studio in Paris.