Jared Kushner Details West Wing War With Toxic Steve Bannon in New Book

From a story on cnn.com by Kaitlan Collins headlined “Jared Kushner details West Wing ‘war’ with ‘toxic’ Steve Bannon in new book”:

Jared Kushner details his clashes with Steve Bannon in his new book, describing a “toxic” West Wing presence who accused him of “undermining the President’s agenda” and threatened to break him “in half” if Kushner turned on him.

The detailed account in the memoir – set to be published next month – provides fresh insight into the pernicious environment inside former President Donald Trump’s West Wing. Coming just as the former President gears up for a 2024 campaign, excerpts from the book reveal how viciously the Trump team turned on one another from the earliest days of the administration, and how distrust and resentment affected every aspect of governing.