Margaret Sullivan: Four Reasons the January 6th Hearings Have Conquered the News Cycle

From a Washington Post column by Margaret Sullivan headlined “Four reasons the Jan. 6 hearings have conquered the news cycle”:

By their nature, congressional hearings are boring. Politicians speechify. The pace is slow and halting. If anyone manages to say anything important, it’s drowned in a sea of bloviation.

But the eight hearings held by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol have been riveting to watch — and even more remarkably, they have captured the daily news cycle again and again, not only finding substantial TV and streaming audiences as they aired but also consistently landing at the top of broadcast and cable news reports and of newspaper front pages. This was far from a sure thing, given how much news coverage the Capitol riot already received over the past year and a half.

What’s Resonating From the January 6th Hearings

From an AP story by David Bauder headined “The moments resonating from the Jan.6 hearings (so far)”:

By the numbers, the Jan. 6 committee hearings attracted 20 million live viewers on opening night, 11 million for the first daytime session and nearly 9 million for Thursday’s third installment.

Yet those traditional Nielsen company yardsticks don’t begin to measure the true reach of what is being said there.

Memorable moments from each hearing are sliced for quick consumption on countless news programs, comedy shows and online, to the point where some have been seen more times later than when they were live.

Top Takeaways From the Second Day of January 6th Hearings

From POLITICO Playbook:

The House committee investigating Jan. 6 just wrapped up today’s hearings, a focused look at the spread of the lie that the 2020 election was rife with fraud and that DONALD TRUMP was its true victor.

The reality, as the committee detailed with testimony from people throughout Trump world, is that (1) Trump continued to lie about the outcome of the election even after being told over and over that he’d lost fair and square, and (2) every conspiracy theory about the election that was brought to the campaign was investigated and knocked down — even as those who debunked them were ignored or cast away.