It’s Increasingly the End of the Easygoing Weekend

From a Wall Street Journal storyby Anne Marie Chaker headlined “It’s the End of the Weekend as We Know It”:

Once relished as the reward after five days of hard work, weekends are dwindling as employees move fluidly between work and personal time all of the time.

When the pandemic began, many professionals stuck at home opened their laptops on Saturday mornings. They just never stopped: Saturdays and Sundays are starting to resemble Monday through Friday, with hours of emailing and stretches of catch-up time. Some find the spillover of work into the weekend to be invasive, with kids’ soccer games to date nights to religious services to attend. But employees acknowledge that work-filled weekends are the trade-off for hybrid office time and flexible schedules that allow for midmorning gym workouts, afternoon school pickups, dog walks and grocery-store runs.