Dana Brown Has Written an Engaging Memoir of His Magazine Life and the Inner Workings of Vanity Fair

From a Wall Street Journal review by Moira Hodgson of Dana Brown’s book titled “Dilettante: True Tales of Excess, Triumph, and Disaster”:

Dana Brown, a 21-year-old college dropout, was stocking bottles behind the bar in a Midtown New York restaurant when he met Graydon Carter. This chance encounter in 1994 with the powerful editor of Vanity Fair changed the course of his life. One day, on a whim, Mr. Carter hired him as his assistant. Now, 28 years later, Mr. Brown has come out with “Dilettante,” an engaging memoir of his life and the inner workings of the magazine. His book, a paean to Mr. Carter, is ironic and smart, a social history and coming-of-age story.