Without Ivana Trump There Would be No Donald Trump

From a Washington Post story by Paul Farhi headlined “Without Ivana Trump, there would be no Donald Trump”:

Without Ivana, “The Donald” wouldn’t exist. The Czech-born first wife of Donald Trump was the one who took to calling him that, mistakenly sticking an article in front of his first name as she struggled with English. Journalists picked up on its delicious pomposity, and it stuck.

But there might not be a Donald Trump, either, had it not been for Ivana Zelnickova Trump, whose death at 73 was announced by her ex-husband on Thursday. His early rise to fame, as manifested in New York’s tabloid and glossy-magazine culture of the greed-is-good era, was fueled as much by her florid charisma as by his own heat-seeking swagger and ambition.