How to Be Original, According to Five Pros

From a Wall Street Journal story headlined “How to Be Original, According to Some Pros”:

Beanie Feldstein

“Originality is something that every human being, every day, probably thinks about. You always want to feel simultaneously connected and amongst, but also unique and original and special. When I was about 16, 17, I started saying this mantra that has really gotten me through a lot of life that’s rooted in originality: ‘They either want the Bean, or they don’t want the Bean.’ As my wife would say, because she’s British, ‘Sometimes people are a little bit Marmite’: You’re going to love them, or you’re going to hate them. I understood I am not like the others in a lot of ways. In wanting to be an actor, I knew I didn’t always fit in. I knew that that was an asset even though it can sometimes feel really alienating.”