Hospital Bosses Love AI—Doctors and Nurses Are Worried

From a Washington Post story by Pranshu Verma headlined “Hospital bosses love AI. Doctors and nurses are worried.”:

Every day Bojana Milekic, a critical care doctor at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, scrolls through a computer screen of patient names, looking at the red numbers beside them — a score generated by artificial intelligence — to assess who might die.

On a morning in May, the tool flagged a 74-year-old lung patient with a score of .81 — far past the .65 score when doctors start to worry. He didn’t seem to be in pain, but he gripped his daughter’s hand as Milekic began to work. She circled his bed, soon spotting the issue: A kinked chest tube was retaining fluid from his lungs, causing his blood oxygen levels to plummet.