Gas-Powered Cars Are an Environmental Catastrophe—I’ll Miss Them Anyway

From a New York Times column by Farhad Manjoo headlined “Gas-Powered Cars Are an Environmental Catastrophe. I’ll Miss Them Anyway.”:

I’ve been driving for nearly 30 years, but until recently, I hadn’t ever changed my car engine’s oil by myself. Of course I hadn’t: By the time I got my first car, in the mid-1990s, cars had long since become reliable enough that you could go years without popping the hood. In Southern California, where I grew up, there’s a quick-lube place on just about every other corner. Owning a car meant pulling into one as regularly as you visited a dentist, catching up on old magazines in the lounge as a technician mucked about under your ride for a half-hour before you went on with your day.