Jack Shafer: Lots of Democrats With a Dirty Secret—They Watch Fox News

From a Jack Shafer Fourth Estate column on politico.com headlined “Democrats With a Dirty Secret—They Watch Fox”:

Pity the poor Fox News Channel viewer.

Caricatured in the press as Ivermectin-swallowing, knuckle-dragging know-nothings, typecast by liberal politicians as addicted to the conservative “echo chamber,” and dismissed by the Twitter cognoscenti as stump-stupid dupes of Trump, Fox News devotees also serve as a reliable punchline for stand-up comedians, unfit for polite company and unqualified for political discourse.

But if you peel off the cheap mask the press and politicians have pasted onto Fox viewers’ faces, you find that they’re not so retrograde and ridiculous as they’re made out to be….