What to Know About Tucker Carlson’s Rise: Night After Night He Weaponizes His Viewers’ Fears and Grievances

From a New York Times story by Nicholas Confessore headlined “What to Know About Tucker Carlson’s Rise”:

Night after night on Fox, Tucker Carlson weaponizes his viewers’ fears and grievances to create what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news. It is also, by some measures, the most successful.

With singular influence — reaching far beyond Fox and the viewers who tune in to his show — Mr. Carlson has filled the vacuum left by Donald J. Trump, championing the former president’s most ardent followers and some of their most extreme views. As fervently as he has raced to the defense of the Jan. 6 rioters, so has he sown doubt and suspicion around immigrants, Black Lives Matter protesters or Covid-19 vaccines.

Aaron Blake: Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Goes Full Blame-America on Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

From a Washington Post analysis by Aaron Blake headlined “Tucker Carlson goes full blame-America on Russia’s Ukraine invasion”:

Tucker Carlson’s remarkably Putin-sympathetic view of the war in Ukraine has yet to catch on with large swaths of the conservative movement. But if it doesn’t, it apparently won’t be for lack of trying.

Carlson lately has tempered his unfortunately timed suggestion that perhaps Vladimir Putin isn’t that bad a guy. But with that point largely conceded, he now has shifted to assuring that Putin is not the only bad guy. Carlson on Monday drove home an argument that has lingered on the fringes of the conservative movement for some time — that the United States and the West invited this war with their support for admitting Ukraine into NATO, a step that Russia finds unacceptable.