Five Best Books About Business

From a Wall Street Journal story by Burton Malkiel headlined “Five Best: Business Books”:

Naked Economics
By Charles Wheelan (2002)

1. Economic literacy gives people the tools to make better individual and social decisions about issues they will encounter over a lifetime. But the subject of economics has long been considered dismal and dry. If you slept through Economics 101 in college, this is the antidote. Charles Wheelan, a former correspondent for the Economist, writes with an engaging style. Using words, not mathematics, he makes difficult and sometimes recondite economic concepts comprehensible, entertaining—and even funny. Above all, he makes economics relevant to everyday life. If you want to understand the dilemma facing our monetary-policy makers as growth slows and inflation remains high; if you are puzzled by how markets function and how incentives and psychological instincts steer us; if you have difficulty making sense of how government policy can foster a healthy economy—this book is for you. Mr. Wheelan writes with an anti-Midas touch: If he touched gold, he would bring it to life.