Fake Guns and Watchful Eyes As Filming of “Rust” Resumes

From a New York Times story by Julia Jacobs headlined “Fake Guns and Watchful Eyes As Filming of ‘Rust’ Resumes”:

PRAY, Mont. — By the edge of a steep, snow-dusted gully just north of Yellowstone National Park, Alec Baldwin and the crew of the western “Rust” gathered for their morning safety meeting as filming resumed a year and a half after it had been halted by tragedy.

It was anything but routine.

“I’ve said it, and I’m going to say it every single time: There are no weapons on set,” Gerard DiNardi, the film’s new first assistant director, reassured the crew on Friday. “There is nothing that fires. There are a lot of facsimiles of weapons, from rubber to replicas.”