Fact-Checking Movement Grapples With a World Awash in False Claims

From a Washington Post story by Glenn Kessler headlined “Fact-checking movement grapples with a world awash in false claims”:

OSLO — Members of fact-checking organizations from around the globe met last week for their first in-person conference in three years, confronting a world awash in baseless claims promoted by politicians and even governments and increasingly embraced by receptive audiences.

The torrent of false information, such as the election-fraud claims that led to the assault on the U.S. Capitol, Russian disinformation about the invasion of Ukraine and pseudoscientific assertions about the coronavirus pandemic, has emerged despite the astonishing growth of the fact-checking movement. In 2021, there were 391 active fact-checking projects, according to an annual census by the Duke Reporters’ Lab, up from 168 in 2016.