Ezra Klein Interviews George Saunders: “The writer shares his observations on how social media has shaped the American psyche and how more compassion and affection could help.”

From a New York Times interview by Ezra Klein of George Saunders:

I’m Ezra Klein. This is “The Ezra Klein Show.” So this episode is going to come out on Election Day 2022. That’s a hard episode to program for. You don’t want to sit around speculating. You don’t want to go so far off topic because that’s where people’s minds are right now, or my mind is right now.

And so what do you do? Well, elections, they’re an expression of more than just a vote, right? There are national psyche at war with itself. There are divisions in our desires. And I think they’re particularly, the way we think about and talk about and understand each other. I mean, elections are stories coming into collision.