Appreciating the Literary Alchemy of Evan Connell: He Wrote Novels, Short Stories, History Books, Reviews and Essays

From a Wall Street Journal book review by Marc Weingarten headlined “Finding Gold Everywhere”:

There has never been a more beautifully modulated book about the deep-freeze of a human soul than “Mrs. Bridge.” Evan S. Connell’s novel is a masterpiece of understatement, its story culled from glimpses of the title character’s drearily parochial existence as a lawyer’s wife and country-club matron in Kansas City, Mo., between the wars. India Bridge passes through the rapidly changing American scene in a kind of self-willed trance: “There were half a dozen mirrors along the wall. Mrs. Bridge did not dare look into any of the mirrors, and as the four of them marched along she wondered if she was about to lose control of herself. Where are we going? she thought. Why are we here?”