Eulogies Have Become Some of the Defining Speeches of the Biden Presidency

From a story on by Alex Thompson and Max Tani headlined “Eulogist-in-Chief”:

It’s the speech no one wants to give. But eulogies have become some of the defining speeches of the Biden presidency.

Over the course of his first year, the president has made a point of attending the funerals, wakes, and memorials of numerous political power-players of his era.

The 79-year old Biden worked closely with former Sens. HARRY REID, BOB DOLE, and JOHN WARNER, former Secretary of State COLIN POWELL and Vice President WALTER MONDALE. He spoke Wednesday at the ceremony for former Secretary of State MADELEINE ALBRIGHT. Biden may also attend Sen. ORRIN HATCH’s memorial in Utah next week but hasn’t decided.