Elizabeth Taylor Was in Washington and Needed a Date

A Washington Post excerpt from the book by Kate Anderson Brower titled “Elizabeth Taylor: The Grit & Glamour of an Icon”:

Elizabeth Taylor needed a date. It was the summer of 1976, and the 44-year-old movie star was freshly divorced for the second time from her great love, Richard Burton. But a new romance with Ardeshir Zahedi, the dashing Iranian ambassador to the United States, was frowned upon by his ex-father-in-law and boss, the shah of Iran. Which meant that when Queen Elizabeth II hosted a glittering Washington dinner party in honor of the U.S. bicentennial, the British ambassador had to scramble to find an alternate escort for the British-born Taylor. Sir Peter Ramsbotham picked up the phone and called one of Washington’s most eligible bachelors of the moment — John W. Warner, a former secretary of the Navy who harbored greater political ambitions.