A Retiring Editor’s Ode to the Newsroom

From a story on dailyherald.com by John Lampinen headlined “A retiree’s ode to the newsroom”:

The way it starts, this may not seem like a love letter. But I’m burying the lead.

In two decades as the editor of the Daily Herald, I rarely picked up a perfect paper. As an editor, your eye rushes to the imperfections — another question that could have been asked, a more precise verb that could have been written, an underplayed story, a misspelled word, a typographical error. An error of any kind!

As an Editor, Robert Gottlieb Helped Shape Some of the Most Influential Books of the 20th Century

From a Wall Street Journal story by Emily Bobrow headlined “Robert Gotttlieb Is a ‘Crazed Reader’ Turned Legendary Editor”:

Greta Garbo once observed that she had never felt like a child. In a new biography of the film star published this week, renowned editor and publisher Robert Gottlieb, 90, suggests that her father’s premature death, her family’s poverty and her height—she reached 5’7” by the time she was 12 years old—conspired to deprive her of “ever having felt young,” as she once said. It’s one of the few things Mr. Gottlieb and his subject have in common.