Edith Pearlman: Her Life Was a Cinderella Story in Publishing

From a New York Times obit by Rebecca Chase headlined “Edith Pearlman, Writer Who Won Acclaim Late in Life, Dies at 86”:

Edith Pearlman, whose acclaimed 2011 collection of short stories, “Binocular Vision,” lifted her out of relative publishing obscurity to make her an instant if belated literary star at the age of 74, died on Sunday in Brookline, Mass.

“Why in the world had I never heard of Edith Pearlman?” the novelist Roxana Robinson asked in a rave review of “Binocular Vision” on the front page of The New York Times Book Review. The answer was a rare Cinderella story in publishing, centering on a septuagenarian writer and a young editor of ambition and vision.