Is the Film Version of “Wonder Boys” the Best-Ever Depiction of a Writer?

From a story on by Ryan Chapman headlined “Is ‘Wonder Boys’ the Best-Ever Depiction of a Writer?”:

Pete Townshend of The Who once praised Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” because each verse means something different to the listener as they age. “It’s quantum,” he said. I feel similarly about the 2000 film adaptation of Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys. On my first viewing, I (over)identified with James Leer, a moody, precocious undergraduate played by a wan Tobey Maguire. Now I see myself in Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas), the addled professor wrestling with a novel manuscript, beset by problems of his own creation….A recent re-watch cemented my belief it’s the best depiction of a novelist ever put to film.