Former President Obama on Democracy and Disinformation

From CNN’s Reliable Sources by Brian Stelter:

Obama on democracy and disinfo

Former President Barack Obama set the table for a conference titled Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy by underscoring just how difficult and interconnected the disinfo challenges are.

In an hour-plus-long conversation with The Atlantic’s EIC Jeffrey Goldberg on Wednesday evening, Obama said his “guiding principle” is: “Does this make our democracy stronger or weaker?” And he identified many forces making it weaker. Among them: The loss of local journalism; “the nationalization of a grievance, anger-based journalism;” and the growth of social media products that monetize “anger, resentment, conflict, division.” Then, on top of all that, are disinformation artists who spread lies for propaganda and profit. The “birther” lie is quaint in comparison to the B.S. that gets manufactured nowadays.