David Marchese on the Art of the Interview

From a story on CJR’s The Media Today by Ayodeji Rotinwa headlined “David Marchese on the art of the interview”:

In September, David Marchese, a journalist at the New York Times, interviewed Jann Wenner, the cofounder of Rolling Stone, who was about to publish a book compiling his interviews with seven rock “masters,” all of them white men. In the introduction to the book, Wenner wrote that performers of color were not in his zeitgeist, but Marchese told Wenner that he found this implausible and asked him to articulate the “deeper explanation” for how he picked his subjects. In response, Wenner suggested that women and performers of color whom he could have included were not “articulate” enough at “an intellectual level.” The backlash was swift. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation removed Wenner from its board. He ultimately apologized.