How Java Has Been Used in 128 New York Times Crossword Puzzles—It Has Been Clued as “Jittter Juice” and “Where Jakarta is”

From a New York Times Clued In column by Alexis Benveniste headlined “How ‘Java’ Became Coffee’s Nickname and a Programming Language”:

This is Clued In, a column that will give you insight into some of the New York Times Crossword clues and answers.

“Programming language named for a drink named for an island, four letters: Java.

“Java” has been used in 128 New York Times crossword puzzles. It has been clued in several different ways, including “Jitter Juice” and “Where Jakarta is.” It made its first appearance in the New York Times Crossword in 1942. Most recently, it appeared in Thursday’s puzzle, constructed by Howard Barkin.