Covering the War Between Israel and Hamas

From The Poynter Report with senior media writer Tom Jones:

Covering the war between Israel and Hamas has been especially difficult for news organizations.

While it hasn’t all been perfect, the usual reliable news sources — the major networks, PBS, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the BBC, NPR, The Associated Press and Reuters — continue to be reliable. Although, not perfect. There have been moments of uncertainty, which has led to confusion — such as the hospital bombing in Gaza on Tuesday. In a rush to judgment, initial reports suggested it was an Israeli attack. But then both sides blamed the other, and there are still stories being published trying to get to the bottom of who was responsible.

Covering the War Between Israel and Hamas

From CNN’s Reliable Sources with Oliver Darcy:

Some journalists are making the ultimate sacrifice while covering the war between Israel and Hamas.

At least seven journalists have been killed in the Gaza Strip since Hamas launched its brazen assault on Saturday, according to press freedom groups and media reports. That number could rise even further in the coming days as Israel carries out retaliatory strikes against Hamas, while the terror group continues waging its offensive against the Jewish state.