Inside the Times: What It’s Like Covering the Supreme Court

From a Times Insider column by Katie Van Syckle headlined “Following the Beat of the Court”:

Adam Liptak, who covers the United States Supreme Court for The Times, has had an unconventional journey to his current job — but it’s that same journey that suits him so well for the role. He started at the newspaper in 1984 as what was then called a copy boy, an entry-level position that involved fetching coffee and distributing paper copies of wire-service stories to editors around the newsroom. After about a year, he went to Yale Law School, and in 1992 he returned to work in The Times’s corporate legal department. A decade later, he joined the newsroom as the national legal reporter and then moved to the Supreme Court beat in 2008. Here he talks about his career path, what he misses about practicing law — very little — and how he approaches the court’s docket each term.