Lori Leibovich on How She Approaches an Evolving and Expanding Health Beat

From a Times Insider column by Sarah Diamond headlined “Getting Well With Lori Leibovich”:

The editor of Well shares why she tries to be a stand-in for readers when she is editing, and how the desk is diving deep into mental health.

One might think that Lori Leibovich, the editor of the Well desk at The New York Times, has an ultra-rigorous wellness regimen. In reality, Ms. Leibovich approaches her health just like most Times readers do. “I don’t have some crazy fitness routine, and I’m not taking fistfuls of supplements,” she said in a recent interview. “I just feel worse when I don’t take good care of myself.” For Ms. Leibovich, that means going for walks and meditating for 10 minutes a day — what she calls her “non-negotiables.”