New York Times Story—With Five Bylines—on CNN’s Jeff Zucker and Chris Cuomo

From a New York Times story by Emily Steel, Jodi Kantor, Michael M. Grynbaum, James B. Stewart, and John Koblin headlined “How a Secret Assault Allegation Against an Anchor Upended CNN and Jeff Zucker”:

Late in the day on Nov. 30, Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN Worldwide, summoned his star anchor and friend, Chris Cuomo, to a meeting in the network’s skyscraper overlooking the Hudson River.

Mr. Zucker was joined by the network’s chief marketing officer — and his secret romantic partner — Allison Gollust. They had to deliver a delicate message.

CNN Hiring for an Editorial Team to Cover Misinformation


Alex Koppelman emails: I’m hiring for an editor and two reporters for a new CNN team dedicated to covering misinformation. What does that mean? Really it’s about covering reality: The uses, abuses, and distortions of it, the people twisting it, and the effect that has on all of us….

Nonstop Headlines: How CNN Changed the Way We Get Our News

From a Wall Street Journal review by Edward Kosner of the book Up All Night by Lisa Napoli:

If a Mount Rushmore of American journalism is ever carved out of some Western mountain, Ted Turner’s gap-toothed grin is unlikely to be up there next to Hearst, Pulitzer and whichever other worthy makes the cut. Yet the often-buffoonish billionaire “Mouth of the South” is as responsible as any other pioneer for the way Americans get their news today.