About the Book “How Civil Wars Start”: “Social media has become an efficient machine for stoking rage, tearing people apart when it isn’t bringing extremists together.”

From a New York Times book review by Jennifer Szalai headlined “‘How Civil Wars Start,’ a Warning About the State of the Union”:

In the year since the rampage at the Capitol, chatter about a 21st-century American civil war has seeped from the fringes into the mainstream. During the Trump presidency, there were of course any number of books about political fracture; still, they mostly discussed widening but (usually) peaceable differences (Lilliana Mason’s “Uncivil Agreement,” Ezra Klein’s “Why We’re Polarized”), or they focused mainly on the historical roots of political violence (Joanne B. Freeman’s “The Field of Blood,” Kathleen Belew’s “Bring the War Home”).