China Targeted U.S. With Fake Social Media

From a Wall Street Journal story by James Fanelli, James T. Areddy, and Aruna Viswanatha headlined “Chinese Security Unit Targeted U.S. With Fake Social-Media Scheme, Prosecutors Allege”:

Nearly three-dozen Chinese security officers wielded thousands of fake social-media personas from Beijing to discredit American policies and harass China’s critics, U.S. prosecutors charged in a complaint unveiled Monday.

In an 89-page document, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent detailed how a group of officers at the Ministry of Public Security, China’s domestic security agency, worked in recent years to amplify messages on behalf of Beijing while making them appear to come from a range of American voices, including a New York woman named “Susan Miller,” another in Wisconsin named “Julie Torres,” and a California man named “Bill Giao.”