China Suffers From an Incurable Case of Leninism

From a Washington Post column by George F. Will headlined “Economically ailing China suffers from an incurable case of Leninism”:

Vladimir Lenin, who died 100 years ago as of next Jan. 21, was having a good 21st century because the Chinese Communist Party emulated him. For four decades, the CCP’s primacy was compatible with China’s economic advance. Now, however, China has ailments partially caused by, and made incurable by, Leninism.

In Russia, then in Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany and elsewhere, including modern China, Leninism provided a new model of government: the party-state. Except China cannot be both modern and Leninist. Modernity requires social openness, and a nimble response to information and innovations that move faster than bureaucracies can or want to move.