A 2020 Census Portrait of America’s Largest Metro Areas

See the report on brookings.edu by William Frey headlined “A 2020 Census Portrait of America’s Largest Metro Areas: Population growth, diversity, segregation, and youth.

The nation’s major metropolitan areas—those with populations exceeding 1 million, which are home to nearly six in 10 Americans—have been a focal point of the nation’s economic vibrancy,1 politics,2 and racial and ethnic diversity.3 The 2020 census provides an opportunity to see how they fared in the 2010-2020 decade. Unlike the previous decade, major metro areas grew more sharply than their smaller-sized counterparts, and their cities showed growth surges even in a decade when the nation’s population registered historically low growth.4 Moreover, the increased racial and ethnic diversity that characterized the nation is especially concentrated in major metro areas and, in particular, among their youth populations.