Remote Work Can Be a Very Bad Way to Start a Career: “You still feel like a stranger at your own company”

From a New York Times guest essay by Anne Helen Petersen and Charlie Warzel headlined “Remote Work Can Be a Very Bad Way to Start a Career”:

Kiersten graduated from college straight into the middle of a pandemic and a precarious job market. She managed to find an entry-level job with a government contractor that allowed her to work from the safety of her home. There was no fanfare on her first day; she simply opened her laptop and began an endless series of training sessions conducted over Zoom. The sessions were helpful, Kiersten recalls, but very formal, with little room for socializing. Even among her fellow new hires, Kiersten felt at a remove. “I just stared at their Zoom boxes and willed us to be friends,” she told us. “But we never had the opportunity to interact.”