Burt Bacharach: Composer, Conductor, Record Producer, and Occasional Singer

From a New York Times obit by Stephen Holden headlined “Burt Bacharach, Whose Buoyant Pop Confections Lifted the ’60s, Dies at 94”:

Burt Bacharach, the debonair pop composer, arranger, conductor, record producer and occasional singer whose hit songs in the 1960s distilled that decade’s mood of romantic optimism, died in Los Angeles.

A die-hard romantic whose mature style might be described as Wagnerian lounge music, Mr. Bacharach fused the chromatic harmonies and long, angular melodies of late-19th-century symphonic music with modern, bubbly pop orchestration, and embellished the resulting mixture with a staccato rhythmic drive. His effervescent compositions epitomized sophisticated hedonism to a generation of young adults only a few years older than the Beatles.