The Delightful Implosion of Boris Johnson

From a New York Times column by Michelle Goldberg headlined “The Delightful Implosion of Boris Johnson”:

There isn’t much good news in the world these days, so it’s worth taking time to appreciate the delightful implosion of soon-to-be former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

His 2019 landslide victory against the hapless Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party seemed to be ushering in a long period of right-wing dominance. Johnson, said The Economist, “is well placed to become one of the most powerful prime ministers in modern times.” Less than three years later, undone by scandal, incompetence and the rebellion of his own party, he’s announced plans to step aside once a new Conservative leader can be found. There may not be a new general election soon, but if there were, polls suggest that Labour could win a majority.