Five Best Books on Pursuing Impossible Dreams

From a Wall Street Journal essay by Michael Loynd headlined “Five Best: Books on Pursuing Impossible Dreams”:

Cinderella Man
By Jeremy Schaap (2005)

1. An aging prizefighter, James J. Braddock finds himself broke and washed up during the Great Depression, unable to get a fight or enough work on the docks to feed his family, when he’s offered one last chance to step back into the ring as the likely next victim for a much-hyped heavyweight contender. Everyone knows Braddock will lose—except Braddock, who’s still clinging to old dreams of one day being the world heavyweight champion. When Braddock shocks the boxing community by knocking out the upstart in three rounds, fate presents a path to a heavyweight title shot. Jeremy Schaap crafts an inspirational page-turner of this 10-to-1 underdog as Braddock tries to defy the odds and pull his family out of poverty. If successful, he will square off against the superior heavyweight champion, Max Baer, whose hard-hitting punches have already killed two boxers. Better than Rocky because it really happened.