U.S. Authors Dominate Booker Prize Nominees

From a New York Times story by Alex Marshall headlined “U.S. Authors Dominate Booker Prize Nominees”:

Elizabeth Strout, Karen Joy Fowler and Leila Mottley are among six American authors nominated for this year’s Booker Prize, which announced its nominees in a news release on Tuesday.

Strout, the highest-profile author on the 13-strong list, is nominated for “Oh William!,” a novel about a grief-stricken woman who helps her ex-husband investigate his family past; Karen Joy Fowler, for “Booth,” a fictional family portrait of the clan around the Abraham Lincoln assassin, John Wilkes Booth; and Leila Mottley, for “Nightcrawling,” a best seller about a desperate Black teenager in California who ends up in a sex-trafficking ring.