Bob Woodward’s Different World

From CJR’s The Media Today by Jon Allsop:

IN 2020, whenever the phone rang in the home of Bob Woodward, the venerated political reporter, he would wonder whether it was a robocall or the then-president of the United States. Often, it was the latter. Sometimes, Elsa Walsh, the former Washington Post and New Yorker journalist to whom Woodward is married, would get to the phone first. “I sort of say—like Princess Diana—that there were three people in this marriage: Bob, me, and Donald Trump,” Walsh quipped to CBS recently. Walsh also sometimes commented on Woodward’s conversations with Trump, as she did in April 2020, when Woodward presented Trump with a list of steps that Trump’s own experts had said would be critical to tackling the pandemic. “You kind of sounded like you were telling him what to do… You don’t want to do that,” Walsh admonished Woodward. “Okay,” Woodward responded. “But we’re in a different world now, sweetie.”