Bill Bradley Was an NBA Star and a Senator. Now He’s a One-Man Show.

From a Washington Post story by Peter Marks headlined “Bill Bradley was an NBA star and a senator. Now he’s a one-man show.”:

You might have seen an affable, 6-foot-5-inch older fellow pacing the paths of Central Park recently, talking to himself. Well, that was no ordinary man. Among his accomplishments: a Rhodes scholarship, a flawless jump shot, even a seat in the Senate. And of late — surprisingly — a moment in the footlights.

Yes, Bill Bradley decided the new world he wanted to conquer, after distinguished careers as a New York Knick and a U.S. senator, was that of a storyteller onstage, like Mark Twain. And that is how “Rolling Along” came to be, and why Bradley made mumbling loops around the park, the way he used to spend hours by himself, practicing layups. Only now, he was practicing his lines.