The White House Doesn’t Understand How the Media Works

From a story on by Alex Shephard headlined “The White House Doesn’t Understand How the Media Works”:

Last week was Messaging Week in the Biden White House. With poll numbers stubbornly low, the Democratic agenda stalled in Congress, and little progress being made in the biggest year’s biggest crises—gun violence, inflation, the war in Ukraine—President Biden and his aides have decided to try to fix one thing they actually have some control over: how they talk about what the administration is actually doing. Naturally, NBC News dutifully reported on the president’s frustrations with his administration’s messaging—and his aides’ tendency immediately to “walk back” bold statements he has made, particularly on foreign policy. And so officials set out doing what administrations often do when they feel the need to aggressively correct the record: They tried to earn themselves some mainstream media attention.